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A new law created after the Equifax breach allows Americans to lock down their credit for free. Reuters/Dado Ruvic
Affected by the Equifax hack? Here’s what to do now

It’s been several months since credit reporting agency Equifax discovered a data breach that compromised the personal information -- names, addresses, birth dates and social security numbers -- of more than 145 million people. Here's what we know now.

The specter of Euro-debt default is again roiling the markets. "Worries Over Europe Pose Risks for Euro," read a headline in Monday's Wall Street Journal. "Spain Pegs Cajas' Possible Problem Debt," warned another. (Cajas are the regional Spanish…

Name: Merritt Dunn Question: Since the Treasury Department bailed out AIG and AIG had underwritten a large number of credit default swaps (that I understand pay up if a certain percentage of mortgages in a portfolio go into foreclosure), then…

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