World Nov 16

Czechs use anniversary of Velvet Revolution to pressure PM

Protesters from across the Czech Republic attended Saturday’s demonstration, the second massive protest opposing Babis at Letna park, the scene of massive gatherings in 1989 that greatly contributed to the fall of communism.

World Jun 28

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Why is it so hot in Europe?

An extreme heat wave is gripping much of Europe, breaking records and causing widespread misery. Temperatures soared well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in France, Germany and Spain. While the heat is coming from sub-Saharan Africa, some researchers say climate change…

Mar 08

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Four nations urge U.S. gas exports amid Ukraine crisis

WASHINGTON -- Four Central European nations are urging the United States to boost natural gas exports to Europe as a hedge against the possibility that Russia could cut off its supply of gas to Ukraine. Ambassadors from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia…

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