World Aug 19

Rolando Alvarez, bishop of the Diocese of Matagalpa and Esteli and critical of the Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, prays at a Catholic church where he is taking refuge alleging he had been targeted by the police, in Managua, Nicaragua May 20, 2022. Photo by Maynor Valenzuela/REUTERS
Nicaraguan police detain Catholic bishop, other priests in raid

Friday's pre-dawn raid came after Nicaraguan authorities accused Matagalpa Diocese Bishop Rolando Álvarez of allegedly "organizing violent groups" and inciting them "to carry out acts of hate against the population."…

World Nov 07

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega speaks to supporters during the opening ceremony of a highway overpass in Managua
Nicaragua’s Ortega seeks re-election in questioned vote

The election will determine who holds the presidency for the next five years, as well as 90 of the 92 seats in the congress and Nicaragua’s representation in the Central American Parliament. More than 4.4 million Nicaraguan age 16 and…

World Jun 13

Nicaragua arrests 5 more opposition leaders in crackdown

The moves over the weekend suggest Ortega has moved beyond arresting potential opposition candidates in the Nov. 7 elections, and has begun arresting any prominent member of the opposition. Sunday's arrests bring to 12 the number of opponents detained since…