World Jun 16

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President Obama says up to 275 U.S. military troops will deploy to Iraq

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. is urgently deploying several hundred armed troops in and around Iraq and considering sending an additional contingent of special forces soldiers as Baghdad struggles to repel a rampant insurgency, even as the White House insists…

Nation Mar 19

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Were Multiple Deployments a Factor in Afghan Killings?

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales, the suspect in the Afghan massacre, had served three tours in Iraq before his Afghanistan deployment. Jeffrey Brown, The Washington Posts's Carol Leonig, a retired army general and an army psychiatrist discuss Bales' failed promotion, former…

On the day that veterans around the country are honored for their service, President Barack Obama is set to meet with his top military advisers to continue discussions about the possibility of sending more troops to Afghanistan.