Arts Jun 06

At Book Expo, publishers and authors confront changing industry

The online revolution has disrupted the traditional bookselling business over time. From the publishing industry‚Äôs annual trade show, Jeffrey Brown reports on how authors and publishers are adapting to new platforms, small startups are pushing their titles and independent bookstores…

Arts Jan 07

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Conversation: The Latest in E-Readers

In another in our series, "The Next Chapter of Reading," Jeffrey Brown talks to Wired staff writer Priya Ganapati, who is at the International Consumer Electronics Show, about what she's seeing in the latest e-reader products.

Arts Dec 31

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A Look at Google Books

In another in our series about the future of literature and literacy, Spencer Michels looks at internet giant Google's controversial plan to offer millions of books online.

Mar 16

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The Business of E-Books

This week, horror writer Stephen King became the first best-selling author to publish a work exclusively in electronic format. First-day sales of "Riding the Bullet" surpassed first-day sales of all King's best-selling books on paper.

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