Politics Mar 31

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Netanyahu Submits Cabinet List, Offers Words of Peace

Incoming Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to seek a "permanent arrangement" with the Palestinians and peace with the Arab world as he took office Tuesday and submitted his government roster for parliamentary approval.

Nation Jan 05

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Israeli Forces Continue Push Into Gaza

Israeli tanks, planes and ground forces pounded Gaza on Monday, seizing buildings on the outskirts of Gaza City, even as world leaders headed for the region to press for a truce.

Israel agreed Monday to allow some power plant fuel, medicine and food into the Gaza Strip, at least temporarily easing a blockade on the Hamas ruled-territory, which was imposed in retaliation for recent rocket attacks on southern Israel.

Plans for an Israeli-Palestinian summit in Egypt collapsed today and within hours, two Israelis were killed in renewed violence. But leaders on both sides say they still hope to reach agreement on a peace deal proposed by U.S. President Bill…

With right-wing rival Ariel Sharon set to challenge him in early elections, embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered to recognize a Palestinian state, but avoided the Jerusalem question.

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