World Dec 25

Women seen marching with a pro-choice banner during the
El Salvador frees three women convicted of abortions

Morena Herrera of the Citizen's Group for the Depenalization of Abortion said late Friday that the group was told one woman would be set free at presidential order, but when they went to the prison to greet her, three were…

World Sep 15

Salvadoreans protest against recent implementation of Bitcoin as legal tender
Thousands protest against Bukele government in El Salvador

The demonstration Wednesday centered on fears Bukele may try for re-election in 2024. Protests also voiced concern about the president's concentration of power and the controversial decision to make the cryptocurrency Bitcoin legal tender.

Jun 09

El Salvador makes Bitcoin legal tender

The digital currency will be able to be used in any transaction and any business will have to accept payment in Bitcoin, with the exception of those lacking the technology to do so.