Nation Jan 26

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What Roger Stone’s indictment could mean for Trump

President Trump’s long-term advisor Roger Stone was indicted Friday for allegedly coordinating with WikiLeaks to find damaging information about 2016 presidential competitor Hillary Clinton. New York University professor Ryan Goodman says it’s a move that could also implicate Trump himself,…

World Jan 06

AP Explains: Why Congo’s election could lead to violence

The results of Congo’s presidential election were delayed Sunday. And some 80 U.S. military personnel have been deployed to Central Africa to protect U.S. assets from possible “violent demonstrations” in over the outcome.

World Dec 30

16 dead in election violence as Bangladesh goes to the polls

More than a dozen people reportedly died in election-related violence in Bangladesh on Sunday, as voters went to the polls to decide whether to give Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina a third consecutive term amid critics' claims that her leadership has…

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