World Apr 09

A Bedouin man casts his ballot as Israelis vote in a parliamentary election, at a polling station in the city of Rahat in Israel's southern Negev Desert. Photo by Amir Cohen/Reuters
Israeli exit polls show tight race

With final results hours away, the early indications were that Netanyahu suffered a setback by failing to score a decisive victory.

Politics Apr 07

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Can the Electoral College system be changed?

As the 2020 presidential campaigns get underway, the debate over the Electoral College system is starting again. In 2016, when Hillary Clinton lost the election despite winning the popular vote, there were new calls to abolish the electoral college. NPR…

President Trump’s long-term advisor Roger Stone was indicted Friday for allegedly coordinating with WikiLeaks to find damaging information about 2016 presidential competitor Hillary Clinton. New York University professor Ryan Goodman says it’s a move that could also implicate Trump himself,…

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