World Nov 22

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Ireland’s Bailout Plan Aims to Ease Broader Economic Crisis

Ireland, the European Union and International Monetary Fund agreed over the weekend to an 80 billion to 90 billion euro ($109 billion to $123 billion) financial bailout plan to help Ireland's ailing economy and prevent the broader economic crisis from…

World Sep 29

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In Europe, Protesters Rail Against Budget Cuts

Tens of thousands of protesters marched Wednesday in Brussels and trade unions planned strikes in Spain over planned austerity measures that are aimed at preventing an economic crisis in Europe, though critics say they would harm the poor.

World May 11

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Editorial Round-up: EU Rescue Plan

Now that European leaders have agreed to a 750 billion euro ($955 billion) relief plan to stem Europe's debt crisis, steps are being taken to make the money available to eurozone countries in need of the help -- and reactions…

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