World Dec 19

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Can UN monitors help protect Aleppo evacuees?

Evacuations resumed overnight in Eastern Aleppo after days of delays, under terms of a fragile cease-fire. The UN Security Council unanimously voted to deploy monitors to Aleppo to ensure evacuees are unmolested. Judy Woodruff reports and speaks with David Miliband…

World Aug 31

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Surveying the Aftermath of Tropical Storm Isaac

Louisiana Public Broadcasting reports on the "heart-wrenching" effects of Tropical Storm Isaac. Charlie Whinham reports in Baton Rouge, La., from a field hospital where hundreds of evacuees with special needs are being treated. Shauna Sanford goes to LaPlace where flood…

World Oct 25

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Rising Waters Put Thailand at Risk

Flood waters have destroyed thousands of homes in Bangkok and surrounding communities in Thailand, and forced more than 100,000 people into temporary shelters.

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