Arts Sep 08

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Tailoring a sustainable future for fashion

New York Fashion Week kicked off this weekend with designers' latest collections on full display. But global worries about the environmental impact and cheap labor involved in clothing production are sparking a growing movement in the industry toward sustainable clothing.

Arts May 07

At the Met Gala, ‘extra’ feathers, bling and Susan Sontag

The sartorial theme of this year's gala was "camp"— not summer camp, but the aesthetic of camp and its influence on fashion. It wasn't an easy theme to grasp; the instructions for guests were to dress with "studied triviality."…

Nation Apr 17

Fashion capital New York considers banning sale of fur

New York City lawmakers are pushing a measure that would ban the sale of all new fur products in the city that was once the mecca of the fur business -- manufacturing up to 80% of the fur coats made…

Oct 13

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This leather substitute is grown in a New Jersey lab

Modern Meadow, a New Jersey-based startup, is using biotechnology to produce material that looks and feels similar to leather. The company says that producing this leather-like material, made of lab-grown collagen, carries a lower environmental impact than other means of…

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