One day before General Motors and Chrysler are required to submit restructuring plans to Congress, it was widely reported that President Barack Obama has decided to scrap plans to appoint a "car czar" who would oversee the automakers' restructuring.

Ford, Toyota, Nissan, General Motors and Chrysler all posted record lows in their January sales reports Tuesday. The declines come at the end of a stretch of 15 months of plummeting sales that bring the companies' total losses near a…

Jan 05

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December marked another dismal month for automakers with new figures showing overall sales declines of more than 30 percent as the U.S. auto industry continues to struggle amid the economic downturn.

Chrysler LLC is closing all 30 North American manufacturing plants for at least a month, the company's latest cost-cutting move as the big three auto makers struggle to stay afloat while waiting for a government decision on aid to the…

Dec 12

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White House Weighs Action on Auto Rescue

The White House said Friday it was considering tapping the $700 billion financial industry bailout fund to prevent the collapse of the ailing U.S. auto giants after the Senate failed to reach a compromise on a rescue package for Detroit's…

Dec 11

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GOP Could Put Brakes on Auto Rescue Bill

As a compromise deal between Democrats and the White House to extend $14 billion in emergency loans to struggling U.S. automakers moves forward, it faces strong opposition by some GOP lawmakers.

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