World Jul 10

Activists protest against French minister accused of rape

Women’s rights activists held protests in cities in France and abroad against President Emmanuel Macron’s appointment of a new interior minister who is accused of rape and a justice minister who has minimized the #MeToo movement.

World Jun 08

France to abandon police chokeholds amid George Floyd protests

France's interior minister says police in the country will no longer be allowed to conduct chokeholds during arrests. The minister says the immobilization technique is now banned after it came under renewed criticism following George Floyd's death in the United…

Jun 02

World outrage grows at George Floyd’s death

French authorities have banned a protest over racial injustice and heavy-handed police tactics as global outrage about the death of George Floyd in the United States kindled frustrations across borders and continents.

Apr 26

Virus lockdown raises tensions in France’s poorest areas

Joining more than 1,000 others, Djemba Diatite stood for hours in line to feed her growing family, grateful for handouts of fruits, vegetables and soap. It was her first time accepting charity, but she had no choice. The coronavirus pandemic…

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