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EU President Tusk, Canadian PM Trudeau, German Chancellor Merkel, U.S. President Trump, Italian PM Gentiloni, French President Macron, Japanese PM Abe, Britain’s PM May and EU President Jean-Claude Juncker pose in Taormina
Europeans making sales pitch to Trump on climate accord

European leaders have mounted a last-ditch effort to stop President Donald Trump from abandoning the Paris climate accord, using multiple meetings this week to sell the American leader on the global agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

During the G-7 summit, President Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced they're united in standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was not invited to the summit. The Wall Street Journal's Anton Troianovski joins Alison Stewart via Skype…

Jun 04

In Germany, a tale of two summits

BERLIN, Germany -- This weekend President Barack Obama will be meeting in a Bavarian castle with six of his fellow leaders from Europe, Canada and Japan at the Group of Seven (G7) summit, a highly choreographed annual event that produces…

Jun 04

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Obama casts Ukraine crisis as march toward liberty

WARSAW, Poland -- President Barack Obama held up 25 years of Polish democracy as a beacon for neighboring Ukraine in a public celebration Wednesday, warning Russia that the free world is united against its "dark tactics" to violate Ukraine's sovereignty.

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