Apr 29

From machines to manicures, what goes into the GDP these days?

Its critics call the GDP an outdated metric that's ill-suited to assessing America's economic health. But it's a constantly evolving measurement, says Steve Landefeld, head of the agency that calculates it, that now includes the value of long-running American TV…

Apr 28

GDP rules the world, but should it?

Gross Domestic Product is the king of all statistics, across the world, says author Zachary Karabell. But what was a good metric for 1950s economies, he says, is ill suited to measuring economic health in 2014.

Economy Oct 29

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U.S. Economy Rebounds 3.5% in Third Quarter

The U.S. economy expanded at a 3.5 percent annual pace from July to September, according to Commerce Department figures released Thursday, in a signal that the worst recession since the 1930s may be easing.

May 29

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U.S. Economy Shrank 5.7% at Start of Year

The U.S. economy shrank slightly less than initially estimated at a 5.7 percent pace at the start of 2009 as the recession lumbered into the new year, according to a government report released Friday that hinted the recession might be…

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