Coastal residents desperate for water and food are facing long lines and deteriorating conditions as hundreds of National Guardsmen arrive to keep order in the hardest-hit areas of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. A reporter provides an update.

Survivors of Hurricane Katrina continued to flee New Orleans on Friday seeking shelter in Texas as emergency convoys reached the city to assist remaining residents and try to halt criminal activity. A reporter provides an update from New Orleans.

Lt. Gen. Carl Strock, who commands the Army Corps of Engineers, the agency in charge of repairing the levees and draining the floodwaters in New Orleans, discusses the enormous tasks ahead in the submerged city.

Evacuees in Houston, Texas begin the process of rebuilding and starting over amid confusion and fear. A reporter gives an update from Houston as residents from New Orleans arrive in the area seeking shelter.

Representatives from the Salvation Army and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation discuss the efforts to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina who were left without food, shelter or medicine.