Politics Jun 25

Hank Paulson says he supports Keystone pipeline

Most Americans who remember Henry Paulson think of him as the former Treasury Secretary to President George W. Bush and one of the government's leading point men when it came to dealing with the financial crisis that devastated the economy.

Economy Aug 17

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Wessel Answers Questions on the Changing Fed

A year after Wall Street went into a tailspin, the Fed continues to take unprecedented steps to revive the economy. David Wessel has penned a book about Ben Bernanke and the changing role of the Fed. He answered questions in…

Economy Aug 11

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Did Hank Paulson Just Want to Save Goldman Sachs?

Question: [In the Bernanke on the Record forum hosted by the NewsHour,] Chairman Bernanke did not mention the bailout of Goldman Sachs — the first bank to receive such funds. Was it more critical to the survival of the…

Lawmakers grilled former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Thursday over the government's role in Bank of America's merger with Merrill Lynch, saying authorities withheld information about losses and intimidated bank executives into sealing the deal.

Mar 18

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AIG Chairman Liddy Heads to Capitol Hill

The head of American International Group appeared on Capitol Hill Wednesday amid a furor over bonus pay at the company and told lawmakers that he's called on employees to return a portion the controversial payments.

Nov 18

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One week after the Bush administration changed the focus of the $700 billion rescue plan for Wall Street, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson defended the new strategy Tuesday when they testified before House members.

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