Apr 03

Your holiday cheat sheet to Easter

Ironically, secular parents often have an easier time explaining Easter (without religion) than many Christian parents do (with it). The Passion is just such a darn mystery.

Mar 09

Are you celebrating Pi Day?

Saturday, March 14, is a special holiday for math-lovers. Known as Pi Day, a holiday meant to celebrate the mathematical constant pi. This irrational number is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius, and it starts with 3.1415926535897...the…

Mar 04

Quick! What the heck is Purim?

I always think of the Bible as sort of dry reading — difficult to understand, weighted down by archaic language and vague descriptions, full of stories that just kind of go on and on. But, of course, that’s not always…

More than one-quarter of married people in the United States lived in households that were religiously mixed. During the holidays, these interfaith families often either practice religious traditions according to their heritage or adopt more secular holiday observances.

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