After taking over Iraq’s second largest city Mosul, the Sunni insurgent group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant set its sights on Baghdad, launching a debate over what the United States should do -- if anything…

Jun 13

Obama on Iraq security: We can’t do it for them

President Barack Obama said Friday he is weighing a range of options for countering the violent Islamic insurgency in Iraq, but he warned government leaders in Baghdad the U.S. will not take military action unless they move to address deep-seeded…

Jun 13

Iraq crisis another foreign policy complication for Obama

Militants in Iraq took the city of Mosul and captured two more cities as they advanced toward their goal of taking Baghdad in an unfolding crisis that is already having political ramifications for President Barack Obama back in the United…

Jun 12

Obama said Iraq will need U.S. assistance

President Barack Obama said Thursday Iraq will need more help from the United States as it seeks to push back a violent Islamic insurgency that has captured two key cities and is vowing to press toward Bagdad.

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