Sep 20

Will candidates get in the way of GOP’s quest to broaden appeal?

For GOP leaders, the 2016 campaign offered a chance at redemption and fresh pitch to minorities, gays, women and others beyond the traditional core supporters. But it hasn't unfolded according to the hierarchy's hoped-for script, with some high-profile candidates inviting…

Sep 16

GOP debate fact check: Who’s right in Trump vs. Bush?

Viewers of the second Republican presidential debate heard inflated claims about Planned Parenthood abortion practices and a dubious assertion by Donald Trump that he wasn't interested in establishing casinos in Florida when anti-gambling Jeb Bush was running for and serving…

Sep 13

Despite populist rhetoric, GOP tax proposals tilt to wealthy

Jeb Bush talked about leveling the playing field, Marco Rubio wrote about helping the working class, Rand Paul promised to expand the Republican Party beyond its traditional base. Yet all three candidates offered tax proposals that would benefit overwhelmingly the…

Sep 09

Stephen Colbert debuts his new take on late night TV

NEW YORK — Stephen Colbert began his tenure as host of the CBS "Late Show" Tuesday with a tribute to predecessor David Letterman, a brief conversation with rival Jimmy Fallon and a surprise cameo from Comedy Central buddy Jon Stewart.

Aug 26

What’s behind the ‘anchor babies’ buzz phrase?

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump took heat when he spoke about "anchor babies" and seemed to relish the fallout from his latest provocation in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. Then Jeb Bush echoed the phrase and found himself on…