Jan 22

WASHINGTON — The leader of the House Democrats said Thursday that Republican Speaker John Boehner blundered when he invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress amid sensitive negotiations about Iran's nuclear program and in the shadow of Israel's…

So here we are. No matter how trivial or horrific, it seems we have reached a stage in our national and international debates where no event is allowed to rise or fall on its own merit anymore.

Jan 06

What to watch on Congress’ first day back

Welcome to the 114th Congress. Both the House and Senate, which will have a new majority leader in Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell, will gavel in for the new Congress at noon today. The chambers each begin with a prayer, but…

Dec 16

Obama to sign Russia sanctions bill

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will sign legislation slapping new sanctions on Russia and providing weapons and other aid to Ukraine despite White House concerns that military assistance will further escalate the conflict, the White House said Tuesday.

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