Politics Aug 22

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Judy’s Notebook: The News in Our Backyard

What news are Americans reading? This question has been nagging at me ever since the owners of the Washington Post, the venerated Graham family, announced this month they're selling to the founder of Amazon. I've long known how…

Politics Aug 14

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Judy’s Notebook: Changes at the NewsHour

It was just a week ago that PBS President Paula Kerger announced that my colleague and good friend Gwen Ifill and I would become co-anchors and managing editors of the NewsHour. And that our longtime teammates Ray Suarez, Margaret…

Politics Jul 26

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Happy Birthday ADA

In a scene described as having "the fervor of a civil rights rally of the 1960s" supporters of the Americans with Disabilities Act climb the steps of the Capitol without their walkers, crutches and wheelchairs on Mar 12, 1990. Photo…

It doesn't happen often. But every once in a while, you meet a person who carries the human equivalent of sunshine around with them. It's the guy or girl who always seems to be smiling -- if not outright, then…

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