Politics Jun 04

Emotions run high as anti-lynching bill stalls in Senate

The Senate is at an impasse over a widely backed bill to designate lynching as a federal hate crime, and tempers boiled over on Thursday in an emotional debate cast against a backdrop of widespread protests over police treatment of…

Politics May 17

Biden’s VP search puts spotlight on how long he’ll serve

While someone like Elizabeth Warren could broaden Biden's appeal among progressives, the 70-year-old Massachusetts senator wouldn't be the face of a new generation many in the party are seeking. That might be an advantage for younger contenders, such as California…

Politics Mar 08

Sen. Kamala Harris launches her campaign for president of the United States at a rally at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in her hometown of Oakland, California. Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters
Harris endorses Biden; Jesse Jackson backs Sanders

Kamala Harris endorsed Joe Biden on Sunday and said she would "do everything in my power'' to help elect him. Sanders, a Vermont senator, countered with his own major endorsement on Sunday, announcing that civil rights icon Jesse Jackson was…

Politics Mar 05

Voters mourn women candidates’ losses in 2020

With the presidential race exit of Elizabeth Warren, Democratic women are coming to terms with a new and for some a painful reality: If 2019 was the Year of the Woman, with a record number of women sworn into Congress…

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