Politics Feb 25

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Democrats select Perez as new party chair

As Republicans continue to dominate Congress, Democrats on Saturday elected a new leader for their party. Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who won the vote over Rep. Keith Ellison, will serve as chair of the Democratic National Committee. NPR political…

Feb 22

DNC race remains tight as energized Democrats combat Trump

A tight race between former Labor Secretary Tom Perez and Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota marks the first heavily contested battle to run the organization in recent history, a reflection of a newly energized Democratic Party struggling to find the…

Aug 13

Few in Congress question U.S. efforts in Iraq

Almost a week into the Obama administration's emergency action in northern Iraq, the campaign is attracting surprisingly broad bipartisan support. Republicans have issued several I-told-you-so statements and called for stronger action, and dovish Democrats say they're concerned about slipping into…