Jan 29

Senate passes bill approving Keystone XL oil pipeline

WASHINGTON -- The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday approved a bipartisan bill to construct the Keystone XL oil pipeline, defying a presidential veto threat and setting up the first of many battles with the White House over energy and the environment.

Jan 20

Obama calls climate change our greatest threat

In President Barack Obama’s seventh state of the union address, he once again raised the issue of global climate change. As his second term nears its end, Obama has little time left to leave his legacy on energy and climate…

Jan 14

Your guide to immigration, Keystone fights this week

This week, both the House and Senate have jumped into two of the more contentious battles of the past decade: the fight over immigration and the wrestling over the Keystone Pipeline. That has led to some intricate choreography on both…

Dec 12

WASHINGTON — When Republicans take control of Congress next month, top on their agenda will be undoing environmental regulations they claim will harm the economy, chief among them President Barack Obama's plans to limit heat-trapping carbon pollution from coal-fired power…

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