Nation May 23

The critique of Piketty and his reply

Former Harvard president Larry Summers admires the research of "rock star" French economist Thomas Piketty, but he's been skeptical that innovation and entrepreneurship don't have more to do with the high rate of return on capital. Innovation is great, Piketty…

Economy Apr 10

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“We Want Our Money Back”

A story about clawbacks slated to run on the NewsHour tonight features a protest disrupting a speech by Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Yesterday, the protesters struck again during a session with Larry Summers,…

Economy Mar 16

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Obama Cites ‘Outrage’ Over AIG Bonuses

President Barack Obama said Monday that he intends to stop American International Group from paying out millions in executive bonuses, as concern intensified over the insurance giant's handling of federal rescue money.