Economy Jul 16

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Paulson Defends Bank of America-Merrill Lynch Deal

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson testified Thursday in the third and final House hearing looking into the government's role in the Bank of America purchase of Merrill Lynch. Jim Lehrer discusses the hearings with Binyamin Appelbaum of the Washington Post.

Economy Mar 27

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Was Depression-Era Debt as High as It Is Now?

Question: When we hear comparisons between today’s economy and that of the Great Depression, I wonder: Had as many people and institutions been as highly leveraged then as now? Were personal and institutional debt as high then as they are…

Economy Mar 13

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Why Are So Many Companies Collapsing So Suddenly?

Question: Can you explain why, when these huge companies collapse, the bleeding isn’t slow and steady? Is it that they cannot forecast months ahead of time and see the end approaching? Or, have they just been operating with leveraged assets…

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