Author Rick Moody has just published a new short story titled "Some Contemporary Characters." But the delivery system was unusual: The story was "published" on a Twitter feed in serial tweets every 10 - 20 minutes over three days, with…

Nov 06

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In Jonathan Lethem's new novel, "Chronic City," two friends travel through a Manhattan that is both very recognizable -- from the billionaire mayor to the burgers at a local diner -- while also surreal, looking for truth.

Oct 16

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"Juliet, Naked," a new novel by Nick Hornby, explores middle-age relationships, online communities, and the nature of being a fan of popular music.

It's December 2001 and a young midwestern college student named Tassie Keltjin is about to get a more worldly education when she accepts a part-time job as a nanny to the adopted child of a sophisticated Middle-aged couple. What happens…