World Jun 30

NATO summit in Madrid
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NATO leaders conclude a key summit in Madrid

The Russian military on Thursday withdrew from Snake Island off of Ukraine's coast, easing some of the pressure on Odessa, the country's most important port. It came as NATO leaders concluded a key summit in Madrid. Nick Schifrin joins Judy…

World May 23

Belarus opposition figure detained when flight diverted

A prominent opponent of Belarus’ authoritarian president was arrested Sunday after the airliner in which he was traveling was diverted to the country after a bomb threat, in what the opposition and Western officials denounced as a hijacking operation by…

Sep 23

Pope warns Lithuanians to guard against anti-Semitism

Pope Francis warned Sunday against any rebirth of the "pernicious" anti-Semitic attitudes that fueled the Holocaust as he marked the annual remembrance for Lithuania's centuries-old Jewish community that was nearly wiped out during World War II.