Nation Dec 17

Can you avoid falling into the Medicare donut hole?

When you enter the "donut hole," prescriptions can become prohibitively expensive. But changing insurers won't help; the hole comes from Medicare, and although the Affordable Care Act will eventually do away with it, boomers are stuck with it until 2020.

Nation Oct 22

How to find a Medicare Part D drug plan online

Medicare's prescription drug plans change what drugs they offer and how much they charge every year, with plans differing by geographic region. But just looking at premiums, which some drug-plan guides do, is not going to tell you much about…

Nation Oct 22

How are Medicare Part D drug plans changing in 2015?

Upwards of 40 million people have Medicare Part D drug plans, and while reviewing your plan is less than fun, Making Sen$e's Medicare Maven, journalist Philip Moeller, explains how taking the time to review your plan during open enrollment could…