The parents of Michael Brown, the young black man whose fatal shooting by a white police officer sparked days of racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, are calling for a "day of silence" Monday when thousands are expected to attend Brown's…

Aug 25

Obama gets change of scenery, but problems still the same

Today in the Morning Line: Obama returns to DC with Islamic State, Ferguson on front burner Lawmakers demand ISIL plan from White House Michael Brown funeral scheduled for 11 a.m. ET Monday 2016 update with Rand, Rick and Ryan…

Aug 22

When should police use deadly force?

Even with two investigations underway regarding Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo., questions raised during two weeks of riots over the lethal use of police force are unlikely to fade. Did Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Brown,…

Aug 20

Timeline of events in Ferguson

The clash between protesters and law enforcement continues to escalate in Ferguson, Missouri, as violence that plagues the St. Louis suburb moves into its 10th day. Overnight, 31 people were arrested from as far away as California and New York.