In this year's midterm elections, Republican incumbents Sen. Pat Roberts and Gov. Sam Brownback are facing tough races with potentially game-changing outcomes. That's why celebrities of the Republican base are swooping in to help rally the Kansan electorate.

Sep 22

Outside spending eclipses all past midterms

Today in the Morning Line: Outside money breaks record Where’s the money going? North Carolina might be election night’s Rosetta Stone Obama to preside before UN Security Council Lois Lerner breaks her silence The Outsiders: Back in April,…

Aug 29

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Obama’s immigration delay derails midterm election strategies

Democrats who were bracing for the impact that Obama's long-awaited announcement would have on their campaigns are now rethinking aspects of their strategy for the fall. Republicans who were considering legislative attempts to block Obama must reconsider whether that's the…

Jul 28

100 days out from Election Day

It is 100 days until Election Day (well, 99, but who’s counting). There are going to be 15 primaries in August, but the general-election fields in the dozen competitive Senate races are pretty much set.

May 19

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ATLANTA — A relatively small slice of the electorate will participate in Republican primaries in Georgia and Kentucky, despite international attention and eye-popping sums of money heaped on races that will help determine which party controls the Senate during the…