Mar 25

Pentagon moving to increase U.S. troop numbers in Iraq soon

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon said Friday it was moving to increase the number of American forces in Iraq and announced that U.S. forces have killed the Islamic State’s finance minister. “We are systematically eliminating ISIL’s cabinet,” Defense Secretary Ash Carter…

Mar 04

Military beginning to recruit women for combat jobs

WASHINGTON — The military services are already beginning to recruit women for combat jobs, including as Navy SEALs, and could see them serving in previously male-only Army and Marine Corps infantry units by this fall, according to new plans endorsed…

Mar 04

Fact checking the 11th Republican debate

On taxes, trade and drug prices, viewers of the latest Republican debate didn't get a straight story. And Donald Trump spun fiction about 9/11. A look at some of the claims made Thursday night at the 11th Republican debate.

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