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Monty Python star Terry Jones dies at 77

Jones, a founding member of the anarchic Monty Python troupe who was hailed by colleagues as “the complete Renaissance comedian" and “a man of endless enthusiasms,” has died at age 77 after suffering from dementia.

Arts Jan 19

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How John Cleese got his accidental start in comedy

Known for his work in Monty Python, on “Fawlty Towers” and in various movies, comedian and writer John Cleese was originally on a path to becoming a lawyer before finding himself “accidentally” in a comedy troupe. Jeffrey Brown talks with…

Economy Feb 10

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Paul Solman: The last post began to answer Jane Maier's epic email by discussing "heterodoxy" in economics. Today's takes up her second issue: "degrowth." Following her point about the disinclination of economics to invite alternative views, Ms. Maier…