Nation Apr 23

Georgia man kills five in shooting rampage

A Georgia gunman on a shooting rampage killed five people Friday night in two separate locations before taking his own life, with some of the victims believed to be members of his wife's family.

Nation Feb 08

Why is Milwaukee so bad for black people?

Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the country, and statistically one of the worst for African-Americans. We explore key factors in the city's racial divide ahead of Thursday's Democratic debate.

Politics Jan 08

WATCH LIVE: 2016 State of the Union

"Since I took office seven years ago, in the midst of crisis, I don't think I've ever been more optimistic about a year ahead than I am right now," he says. Obama notes that he's busy working on the speech…

Nov 22

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Obama quietly broadens U.S. mission in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama has quietly approved guidelines in recent weeks to allow the Pentagon to target Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, broadening previous plans that had limited the military to counterterrorism missions against al-Qaida after this year, U.S. officials said late…

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