Nation Aug 18

National Zoo awaits birth of pandemic panda cub

Zookeepers at Washington’s National Zoo are on furry black-and-white baby watch after concluding that venerable giant panda matriarch Mei Xiang is pregnant and could give birth this week.

Politics Dec 28

Shutdown to close D.C. museums and galleries by midweek

Museums and galleries popular with visitors and locals in the nation's capital will close starting midweek if the partial shutdown of the federal government drags on. So will the National Zoo and a lively ice rink near the National Mall.

Nation Sep 25

Panda cub’s name revealed

Washington's newest giant panda cub is nameless no more. Call him Bei Bei. Michelle Obama and her Chinese counterpart, Peng Liyuan, revealed the name Friday during a tour of the panda house at the Smithsonian's National Zoo.

The giant panda is an endangered species, threatened by destruction of their natural habitats and low birth rates. At zoos, like Smithsonian's National Zoo, veterinarians and zoologists attempt to understand the reproductive cycle of these large mammals to prevent their…