Economy Oct 06

Trump administration faulted over breaks for oil companies

A U.S. government watchdog agency is faulting the Trump administration's handling of a COVID-19 relief effort that awarded energy companies breaks on payments for oil and gas extracted from public lands in Western states in more than 500 cases.

Economy Apr 03

White House convenes oil CEOs as bust threatens U.S. boom

Executives of Chevron, Exxon and other large and medium-size petroleum companies and industry trade groups, as well as Republican lawmakers convened at Friday's White House gathering with President Donald Trump.

Mar 02

Guyana elects leader as vast oil boom dawns

Members of the governing multiparty coalition led by retired army general David Granger and supported mainly by descendants of Africans brought to Guyana as slaves say they will be better stewards of the country's newfound wealth. …