World Aug 15

How the Panama Canal helped make the U.S. a world power

At the time it was built, the canal was an engineering marvel, relying on a series of locks that lift ships – and their thousands of pounds of cargo – above mountains. But thousands of workers died during its construction,…

World Aug 14

Gallery: 100 years of the Panama Canal in 10 photos

Friday marks the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal, the 48-mile passage linking the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. It helped move American troops to the Pacific theater during World War II and has facilitated trade between…

Economy Jun 16

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The Cat in the Hat

Paul Solman's signature hats have become somewhat of their own celebrity. While Paul regularly answers questions about business and economic news, Thursday's queries are two questions about his bright-brimmed coiffure.

Feb 10

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Wednesday on the NewsHour: Ruben Blades

On Wednesday’s PBS NewsHour, we profile international salsa star Ruben Blades, who after spending five years as a cabinet minister in Panama, has made a return to music. At 61, Blades is now back…

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