Education May 31

Graduating seniors share their hopes and concerns

For many high school seniors, the future holds endless potential and multiple unknowns. That may be more true now than ever as society adjusts to the new realities of living under a global pandemic. PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs reached…

Nation May 24

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Climate activism in the age of COVID-19

Americans’ acceptance of global warming is at a record high and environmental activists say those views have a lot to do with the mass climate protests that have been gaining momentum in recent years. But in the midst of the…

May 23

AP FACT CHECK: Trump trashing virus science he doesn’t like

So it was this past week when he took very personally a scientific study that should give pause to anyone thinking of following Trump's lead and ingesting a potentially risky drug for the coronavirus. He branded the study's researchers, financed in…

May 23

In Mexican border cities, many fear virus is coming from US

Citing a threat of the coronavirus from Mexico, the Trump administration has banned hundreds of thousands of people from crossing the southern border with emergency measures that prohibit nonessential traffic and reject asylum seekers without a hearing.

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