World Jun 26

Big Pride parade in Paris; Turkish police stop marchers

Authorities have banned Istanbul Pride events since 2015, citing public security, and more recently, COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The Cumhuriyet newspaper said at least 25 people were detained.

World Nov 29

Court orders France to rethink 30-person limit on worship

he measure took effect this weekend as France relaxes some virus restrictions, but it faced opposition by places of worship and the faithful for being arbitrary and unreasonable. Even before the ruling, several bishops had announced they would not enforce…

Aug 03

Notre Dame Cathedral’s organ will undergo a 4-year-long cleaning

The mammoth task of dismantling, cleaning and re-assembling France’s largest musical instrument started Monday and is expected to last nearly four years. Amazingly, the 8,000-pipe organ survived the 2019 fire that consumed the cathedral’s roof and toppled its spire.