Health Apr 26

Virus lockdown raises tensions in France’s poorest areas

Joining more than 1,000 others, Djemba Diatite stood for hours in line to feed her growing family, grateful for handouts of fruits, vegetables and soap. It was her first time accepting charity, but she had no choice. The coronavirus pandemic…

Arts Apr 21

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What the world looks like when humans stay home

As much of the globe continues to stay home to practice social distancing, vibrant cities have gone quiet, and animals are freer to roam. The rare absence of human activity grants us a special glimpse of what the world might…

Mar 04

Louvre bans cash over virus fears

The Louvre museum in Paris is no longer accepting cash as part of new measures to persuade employees worried about catching the coronavirus to return to work. But the Bank of France said refusing cash is illegal and unnecessary.

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