Dec 07

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Diving Into Patchwork Nation

This week's Patchwork Nation series will feature reports from around the country on issues facing American communities. After a Web-only video postcard from the first city the series will explore -- Philadelphia -- I talk to Patchwork Nation director…

As part of the kick-off to a series this week on the PBS NewsHour examining the communities of Patchwork Nation, project director Dante Chinni takes viewers on a drive down Germantown Ave., revealing the many "cities" that make up Philadelphia.

An old Bob Marley song includes the lyric, “Remember that when the rain falls, it don’t fall on one man’s house.” The worst recession since the Great Depression has hit millions of Americans in expected and unexpected ways. The pain…

As economists and politicians point to a possible economic turnaround, Patchwork Nation's September Hardship Index found that troublesome economic indicators are starting to level off, as they did in August, yet times are still getting tougher in some places.

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