U.S. troops have been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly a decade, including a 33,000-troop "surge" ordered by President Obama last year. On Wednesday evening, the president will address the nation and outline his strategy for reducing the number of soldiers…

"My Perestroika," a documentary by Robin Hessman, follows five ordinary Russians who lived through extraordinary times. Borya, Olga, Andrei, Ruslan, and Lyuba reflect on their Soviet childhoods and navigate today's ever-changing post-Soviet Russia.

Jun 14

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Syrians Escape to Turkey

An estimated 8,500 refugees from Syria had entered tent cities in southern Turkey by mid-June, and thousands more have fled to Lebanon, to escape the Syrian government's crackdown on the opposition.

Jun 03

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PBS NewsHour producer Dan Sagalyn traveled to Indonesia in May 2011 to learn more about the Southeast Asian country -- the world's fourth most populous nation -- and the issues it faces today.

Apr 19

In his project, "Where Children Sleep," photographer James Mollison explores how the sleeping spaces of children around the world reveal much about their lives. Sadly, the notion that we're all born equal is not the case, he says.