Nation Dec 10

Minneapolis approves cuts to police budget, not staffing

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a budget early Thursday that will shift about $8 million from the police department toward violence prevention and other programs — but will keep the mayor's targeted staffing levels for sworn officers intact, averting…

Nation Nov 08

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Police reform draws big response from Black voters

African-Americans took centerstage on Saturday night as President-elect Joe Biden thanked them for always “having [his] back” and propelling him to victory. NewsHour Weekend’s Christopher Booker reports from Philadelphia, a city whose Black voters helped Biden carry the state of…

Sep 24

Pence, Ivanka bring law-and-order tour to Minneapolis

Pence and Ivanka Trump planned a "listening session" Thursday at an airport hotel with a "Cops for Trump" group. They also plan to hear from people who Trump's reelection campaign said have been hurt by crime and violent extremism.