Economy Nov 18

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Joe Nocera’s Hall of Shame

"We titled the book 'All the Devils are Here'," said Joe Nocera's co-author, Bethany McLean, "because in the wake of the crisis there has been this search for a simplistic answer. Ah! Fannie and Freddie, they must be the…

Economy Jul 20

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Is Madoff’s Sentence a Deterrent for Future Swindlers?

Question: I wonder whether the Madoff sentence is a sufficient deterrent for future potential criminals. If he is rumored to have stolen approximately $60 billion, then $60billion/150 years comes out to about $400 million per year. That figure is…

Economy Jun 29

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What Do You Make of the Madoff Sentence?

Question: What do you make of the Madoff sentence? Paul Solman: I’m tempted to say that, at 150 years, he may have gotten off lightly. In today’s email came the regular newsletter of one of the world’s most provocative and…

Politics Jun 29

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Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years in Prison

Financier Bernard Madoff was sentenced Monday to 150 years in prison after pleading guilty in March to bilking investors out of as much as $65 billion over two decades.

May 12

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Tonight, FRONTLINE tackles the Bernard Madoff affair, attempting to decipher the puzzle of the financier’s multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. The program delves into the cast of characters involved in the case, including the…

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