Health Jul 10

Will health reform shine new light on primary care physicians?

While much attention has focused on expanded coverage and online insurance bazaars, policymakers’ bigger challenge is improving Americans’ health while putting a brake on the cost of their care. The keys to that puzzle, CareFirst and many others are deciding,…

Health May 12

Fears of doctor shortages under new health law may have been overblown

The headlines were ominous: Good luck finding a doctor under Obamacare. Not enough doctors for newly insured. Obamacare, doctor shortage could crash health system. Despite these dire predictions, the nation’s primary care system is handling the increased number of insured…

Health Jan 06

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States Faces Shortages of Primary Care Doctors

While universal healthcare legislation in Massachusetts means more people today are insured, the new demand for primary care doctors outstrips the supply. Educational loans, low wages and fights with insurance companies are turning growing numbers of students away from the…