Nation Mar 08

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In Louisiana, prisons shift toward rehabilitation

For decades, Louisiana incarcerated more people per-capita than anywhere else on Earth, and more than half of the state's inmates are now held in sheriff-run jails. But a major overhaul to Louisiana's criminal justice system is shifting the focus to…

Poetry Jun 26

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At this D.C. jail, a book club offers a safe space

Reading and writing can provide a profession, a passion or an escape from reality. In Washington, D.C., the Free Minds Book Club positions the activities as mechanisms through which incarcerated people can express themselves in healthy and constructive ways. As…

Nation Dec 21

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How criminal justice overhaul will affect life for inmates

President Trump has signed a landmark criminal justice bill. The First Step Act increases judges' discretion on sentencing low-level offenders, provides incentives for prison rehabilitation programs and requires inmates to be located within 500 miles of family. As Yamiche Alcindor…