World Apr 30

Israeli demonstrators find ways to protest in virus era

During the past two weekends, thousands of people have gathered in organized geometric patterns in Tel Aviv's central square to comply with social distancing rules as they express their anger over the continued rule of a prime minister charged with…

Apr 17

Pro-Trump protesters push back on stay-at-home orders

In places like Oklahoma, Texas and Virginia, small-government groups, supporters of President Donald Trump, anti-vaccine advocates and others have united behind a deep suspicion of efforts to shut down daily life to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Jan 19

Beirut braces for more violence, after night of riots

Dozens of anti-government protesters gathered in Lebanon’s rainy capital on Sunday, as security forces braced for more rioting after a night of violence left hundreds wounded. Security forces, including Lebanese military, were heavily deployed across downtown Beirut after the worst…

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