Economy Aug 20

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Simon Johnson on Economic Green Shoots

Editor’s Note: For the next week, we’ll be featuring video conversations here on the Business Desk with one of our favorite economists, Simon Johnson, former chief economist at the IMF, now at the…

Economy Jun 25

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How Regulatory Reforms Will Affect Consumers (Cont.)

Paul Solman: Last week, we featured a number of economists (and a journalist) responding to the new financial regulations proposed by the Obama administration. But no economic historians were among them. We’ve remedied that omission by asking Eugene…

Economy Jun 18

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How Will the Regulatory Reforms Affect Consumers?

Paul Solman: We asked a number of people in the personal finance business and others close to the credit crisis to weigh in on the Obama administration’s new consumer protection proposal. I’m struck by Doug Elliott’s admonitions, especially his last…

Economy Jul 08

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Bernanke to Propose Stricter Mortgage Regulation

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke outlined a new set of mortgage-lending rules Tuesday, which will be aimed at shielding future homebuyers from risky lending practices and avoiding a repeat of the country's current mortgage crisis.

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