Economy Mar 10

Why Russia just torpedoed global oil prices

For many of the oil-rich countries, 2020 was already off to a miserable start, but they took a beating on Monday-- a barrel of oil now costs half what it did at the beginning of the year. What happened?…

World Mar 08

Saudis’ arrest of 2 princes called a warning to royal family

Saudi Arabia's King Salman was shown in state media Sunday in apparent good health and working, just days after the arrest of two senior princes triggered speculation about a possible coup attempt or a sudden deterioration in the king's health.

Mar 04

Virus halts pilgrimages to Mecca, Friday prayers in Iran

The coronavirus outbreak is disrupting Islamic worship in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia banned its citizens and other residents of the kingdom from performing the pilgrimage in Mecca and Iran canceled Friday prayers in major cities. The decisions affected both…

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