Science Apr 06

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Heavy Rockets, Higgs and TV Science

Company Planning Biggest Rocket Since Man on Moon Space X's Falcon Heavy rocket will be the most powerful heavy rocket ever built, primed to carry twice as much weight into orbit as a NASA space shuttle, according to…

Science Mar 28

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Ancient Stone Scraps, Stardust and Rock People

Stone Tools Cut Swathe Through Clovis History Thousands of stone scrappings and chips, believed to be discarded during an ancient toolmaking process, were unearthed by archaeologists in a Texas creek bed. Dating shows the chips to be as…

Dinosaur-Hunting Hobbyist Makes Fresh Tracks for Paleontology Read about a 42-year-old British computer programmer-turned-paleontologist and his latest discovery: "a new dinosaur called Brontomerus mcintoshi, a sauropod with uncommonly large, powerful thighs." (Sindya Bhanoo, New York Times) Video:…

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